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Lincad develops new multi-channel battery conditioning system

Posted 3 October 2017 · Add Comment

Designer and manufacturer of specialist military batteries, chargers and power management systems, Lincad, has announced the development of a new multi-channel battery conditioning system.

The new battery conditioning system has been designed specifically to comply with the current International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations, which state that lithium-ion batteries transported by air can only be shipped at 30% state of charge or less. This can pose a significant logistical problem for users with in-service battery fleets that may be stored fully charged or be in varying unknown states of charge after operational activities. The system is being designed to be future-proof to account for other modes of transport, such as shipping, which can also involve adherence to specific battery discharge requirements and maritime sector best practice.
The new battery conditioning system from Lincad will be available for purchase from early 2018. It offers an easy solution to the user’s logistics infrastructure by providing an efficient and reliable method for ensuring any lithium-ion battery is in a suitable state for transport. Importantly, the system also allows batteries to be recharged once they have reached their final destination, discharges and charges batteries of alternative electrochemistries, and has the functionality to condition batteries to 50% state of charge to prolong the life of lithium-ion batteries in long-term storage.
The six-channel, 19” rack mount unit will be capable of simultaneous, independent conditioning of all battery types within a voltage range between 9 and 36 volts. Simple LED displays and minimal user input make the system user friendly and quick to deploy with battery adaptors interfacing to different battery types.
Powered from a universal AC mains input, the system can be installed in any location where preparation for transport may be required. The universal power supply and mounting system makes it suitable for both military or commercial use.
Peter Slade, Joint Managing Director at Lincad, said: “Storing in-service battery fleets in varying unknown states of charge following operational activities has always caused serious logistical problems. Thanks to our new battery conditioning system, which will be available from early 2018, our customers will be able to rely on an efficient and reliable method for ensuring any battery is in a suitable state for air or any other form of transport.”
The multi-channel battery conditioning system will be field upgradable via a PC, tablet or smart phone application for new battery types, future-proofing for new battery developments, user requirements or regulations.


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