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Systematic introduces new capabilities to SitaWare and IRIS solutions

Posted 4 June 2018 · Add Comment

Systematic has developed a number of innovative new features for the latest iterations of its SitaWare suite of command-and-control software, including 3D visualisation, improved situational awareness, safety, and usability, plus a wide range of evolutionary improvements.

Among the enhancements in SitaWare Headquarters 6.7 is a new map mode that brings 3D functionality to the system. Users are now able to switch from the standard plan view into a 3D format that brings improved visualisation whilst maintaining the same information and planning overlays. The 3D maps are generated from existing DTED elevation data and maps, obviating the need for additional inputs.

Hans Jørgen Bohlbro, Director of Product Management said: “The 3D visualisation improves situational awareness for commanders. It brings a number of benefits, for example, when selecting potential observation posts commanders are provided with a comprehensive picture of the operating environment, enabling them to choose the most suitable positions to achieve mission success.”

Further improvements in SitaWare Headquarters 6.7 include a declutter tool, better search functionality via a new tagging feature and an enhanced record and replay capability that will offer improved debriefings and after-action reviews.

SitaWare’s latest tactical-level C2 system – Frontline 2.1 – benefits from a new Guard Zone function that is designed to enhance force protection by enabling dangerous areas to be designated and displayed on the interface, “Units are able to clearly see a potential danger zone – such as a minefield – and can be automatically alerted if they cross into it,” explained Bohlbro. As Guard Zone is also a feature of SitaWare Headquarters, higher levels of command can designate or see the dangerous areas.

Amongst the multitude of new features in Frontline 2.1 are a declutter tool, a Cursor on Target capability that enhances situational awareness and an option to concurrently display two video feeds from external sensors.

Systematic has also introduced improvements to its industry-standard IRIS Forms military messaging platform.


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