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ADB SAFEGATE has launched its newly redesigned LED Runway End Identification Light (REIL) which is used to provide a visual indication to pilots of the runway threshold during an approach.

Image courtesy ADB SAFEGATE

The company has reduced the size of the flash head for styles A and E to a common PAR56 size flash head with only 12 LEDs, while maintaining industry-leading photometric quality.

“The smaller PAR56 style flash head for styles A and E can now be mounted remotely up to 100 ft. from the control cabinet, providing increased flexibility for airport installations,“ says Daryl DiNinno, Vice President Airfield, Americas, ADB SAFEGATE. “The new design delivers energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and unmatched versatility to help lower overall airport operating costs.”

Airports of all sizes will benefit from the new LED REIL with reduced operating costs. The newly redesigned LED REIL improves overall airport operating costs by reducing service needs and improving energy efficiency. There are fewer components, yielding increased stability and reliability and fewer spare parts to maintain. It is the only LED REIL to feature a compact PAR56 size flash head for styles A, C and E; delivering industry-leading photometric performance for all light intensity options in a design that looks and feels like traditional xenon flash heads.

The smaller flash head provides improved durability over other products on the market and mitigates risk of equipment damage such as broken glass from FOD (foreign object debris) or misalignments caused by excessive wind loading.

It offers the flexibility to remote mount the flash head separate from the control cabinet allowing airports to reduce the necessary equipment located within the runway safety zone and provide a safer approach for incoming aircraft. The low voltage LED design also eliminates the 2kV flash voltage needed for xenon systems, further improving safety and component life.

ADB SAFEGATE has further improved the efficiency of the LED REIL by reducing the number of LEDs in the flash head and enhancing the internal design. These units provide up to 90% energy savings compared to xenon flash lamp REILs to reduce demand on airport power systems and overall utility costs.

The LED REIL is available as a high-intensity single-step light (L-849A), a low-intensity single-step light (L-849C) and a high/medium/low-intensity three-step light (L-849E) and can be powered by a voltage source or by a constant current regulator.



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