Dealing with a supplier SOS

Posted 6 November 2023

Paul Adams, Director and aerospace & defence sector specialist at Vendigital, highlights the ways in which OEMs and their suppliers can proactively address critical supply chain risks.

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Engineering precision miniature motors for advanced aerospace and defence systems

Posted 4 October 2023

Julian Del Campo, Business Development Manager, Aerospace and Defence, Portescap, looks at the development of precision miniature motors in advanced aerospace and defence systems.

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Driving defence decarbonisation

Posted 7 September 2023

Richard Gutsell, Programme Director, Atkins, stresses the need for more enduring partnerships to ensure defence can actually achieve its aim of delivering true decarbonisation.

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Transformation of defence operations via digital threads

Posted 11 August 2023

Mivy James, Digital Transformation Director, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, outlines how digital threads are transforming multidomain operations.

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Defending UK infrastructure and services from hostile cyberattacks

Posted 8 August 2023

Ben Bridge, Chairman, Airbus Defence and Space UK, provides an insight into action aimed at preventing hostile cyberattacks on UK infrastructure and services.

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DCP23: underpinning UK Armed Forces' modernisation

Posted 1 August 2023

Shonnel Malani, Managing Partner, Advent International, Chairman, Cobham and Ultra Electronics and Non-Exec Director, Maxar Technologies, examines the impact of the UK Government’s DCP23.

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Overcoming recruitment challenges in the space sector

Posted 19 July 2023

Gary Cannon, space segment lead at Satellite Applications Catapult and member of the Advanced Engineering advisory board, examines space sector recruitment and why now is the best time to join the space industry.

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AI: a strategy for success

Posted 7 June 2023

For those investing in artificial intelligence (AI), Anna Lewis, a Principal Consultant in Atkins’ Aerospace, Defence, Security & Technology division, lauds its transformative potential but advises caution.

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Addressing aerospace skills shortages

Posted 9 May 2023

Simon Connell, Chief Executive of the Baker Dearing Educational Trust, argues that tackling the aerospace skills shortages will require flexibility and engagement from education and industry.

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Developing space relations to boost Britain as science and tech superpower

Posted 1 May 2023

Philip Mackereth, Systems Engineer and Project Manager at Exobotics, considers how developing international space relations could drive Britain towards its goal of becoming a science and technology

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Sustainable Skies World Summit fuels net zero strategies

Posted 19 April 2023

According to industry leaders at this year’s Sustainable Skies World Summit at Farnborough, zero emission flights are within our grasp but scale, collaboration and innovation are vital to achieving net zero goals.

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Earth observation for environmental analysis and protection

Posted 13 March 2023

Wendy Carrara, Senior Manager for Digital & European Institutions at Airbus Defence and Space, outlines how advances in satellites will enhance monitoring of Earth's ecosystems.

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How the R&D claims process is changing

Posted 14 February 2023

With just weeks to go until UK Government research and development (R&D) tax schemes are changed, Mark Evans from R&D Tax Claims Ltd, looks at what this means for aerospace and defence firms.

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Defence frontiers in 2023

Posted 11 January 2023

With technology driving the defence sector, Matt Medley, Industry Director, A&D Manufacturing, IFS, surveys the anticipated developments taking place as we move into 2023.

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A tribute to innovator Ralph Hooper, OBE, FREng, DCAe, CEng, FRAeS

Posted 6 January 2023

On 12th December 2022, aeronautical pioneer and distinguished Cranfield alumnus Ralph Spenser Hooper - part of the very first student cohort at the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield in 1946 - sadly passed away, aged

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Women's representation in STEM

Posted 5 December 2022

Swetha Kotichintala, Chief Business Officer & aerospace engineer, Exobotics, outlines why women need more representation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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Accelerating digital transformation and innovation in A&D via MBSE

Posted 24 November 2022

Dale Tutt, VP of Industry Strategy, Siemens Digital Industries Software, considers how Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) can accelerate digital transformation and innovation across aerospace and defence

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Misconceptions about aircraft safety

Posted 22 November 2022

André Viljoen, former commercial airline pilot and logistics manager at Artemis Aerospace, settles some of the most common misconceptions about the safety of air travel.

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Addressing the aviation skills gap

Posted 10 October 2022

Jim Scott, owner of component supplier Artemis Aerospace, considers how the aviation industry can build momentum in highlighting careers in the sector and tackling the growing gap in relevant skillsets.

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Landing in the past

Posted 7 September 2022

Thousands of photos of Cranfield University’s early days in aviation are set to be digitised due a new grant and archivists are now seeking additional funds to make the entire collection digital and available online.

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Staying ahead of threats to CNI

Posted 22 August 2022

Noah Price, Head of the G4S Academy, considers the security threats faced by critical national infrastructure (CNI) and how to stay one step ahead through security best practice.

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Reaching for affordable skies

Posted 11 August 2022

Artemis Aerospace's owner Jim Scott, charts commercial flight history, how affordable global travel really took off and the new era of post-pandemic aviation.

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Electrification of future flight

Posted 6 June 2022

James Domone, Principal Engineer, Atkins, examines ways in which the electrification of aerospace is being accelerated to power the future of flight.

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Stay ahead of the airplane

Posted 26 May 2022

Neil Ballinger, head of EMEA at EU Automation, looks at ways of stepping up to the challenges currently facing aerospace supply chains.

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Safely navigating the path to autonomy in naval operations

Posted 12 April 2022

Thomas Howe, Senior Principal Navigation and Seamanship, BMT, looks at how artificial intelligence and increasing autonomy can safely be integrated into operations at sea.

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Innovating for a safer future

Posted 8 March 2022

Anita Friend, Head of the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), highlights the increasing importance of innovation for defence and security.

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Aviation in the post-pandemic era

Posted 21 February 2022

Jim Scott, owner of Artemis Aerospace, discusses how he sees the aviation industry adapting and emerging from the COVID-19 crisis.

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RAF Museum marks 70th anniversary of Vulcan's first flight

Posted 10 January 2022

On the 30th of August 1952, the large delta winged Avro 698 prototype VX770 made its maiden flight at the Woodford Aerodrome, powered by four Rolls-Royce Avon engines.

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The aviation industry in 2021

Posted 5 January 2022

The Founder and Chairman of Avia Solutions Group, Gediminas Ziemelis, takes a look at developments across the global aviation industry during 2021.

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Urban mobility lessons from the Wright Brothers

Posted 17 December 2021

On Wright Brothers Day, Professor Adrian Thomas, Co-Founder and CSO of Animal Dynamics, examines what the urban air mobility market could learn from the Wright Brothers.

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2022 aerospace & defence manufacturing tech transformation

Posted 15 December 2021

Evan Sloss, Director EMEA at iBASEt, identifies five technology trends set to change aerospace & defence manufacturing in 2022.

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Developing UK PEMD aerospace supply chains

Posted 1 December 2021

With the switch to sustainable air travel to meet CO2 emission targets a necessity, the UK Government is investing millions into the manufacture of Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) for the UK aerospace sector.

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All that’s fit to 3D print

Posted 17 November 2021

Nick Allen, Managing Director of 3DPRINTUK, reveals manufacturing applications where 3D printing offers an advantageous alternative to injection moulding.

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Electrifying Tempest with industrial partnerships

Posted 10 November 2021

How do you power a future combat aircraft, when energy demands of the systems aboard are constantly increasing but the need for efficiency and sustainability has become a global priority?

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Why the circular economy is taking off

Posted 3 August 2021

James Domone, Principal Engineer, Atkins, looks at the adoption of circular economy principles in aerospace and how their application can help decarbonise the UK defence sector.

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Boosting trust in AI

Posted 12 July 2021

Dr Nira Chamberlain, Professional Head of Discipline for Data Science, Atkins, asks how can we be sure artificial intelligence (AI) can be relied upon to drive automated military vehicles?

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ESG investing and aviation deal making

Posted 21 June 2021

Rob Watts, Director of Consulting, ACC Aviation, highlights why Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is of increasing importance in aviation deal making.

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Operational benefits of freeports in England

Posted 11 May 2021

The establishment of new freeports in England - expected to be operational by the end of 2021 - offer the prospect of a range of unique business benefits, according to law firm DLA Piper.

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Digital engineering key to sustainable aviation

Posted 19 February 2021

Ian Risk, Chief Technology Officer at The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) believes the latest developments in digital engineering are already pioneering new sustainable approaches to the aerospace design cycle.

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H2020: still vital for UK aerospace

Posted 11 February 2021

Joe Matusiak, Grants Manager, ABGI UK, explains why access to the EU’s Horizon 2020 (H2020) scheme remains vital for the UK aerospace sector.

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The space domain and UK security

Posted 6 January 2021

In a recent interview with DSEI Senior Defence Advisor, Air Vice-Marshal (ret’d) Gary Waterfall, Air Vice Marshal Harv Smyth, Head of the UK Space Directorate, highlighted the vital role of the space domain for UK security.

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Processing data on the frontline

Posted 23 November 2020

Mark Jeffrey, Technical Director, Recab UK, outlines the key considerations when designing embedded systems for processing data in defence.

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Why cyber security is essential for protecting reputations

Posted 11 November 2020

As Cyber Monday approaches, Radmila Blazheska, CMO, SecurityHQ, defines the true impact of security breaches on an organisation's reputation and how to reduce your chances of a debilitating attack through damage

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UK border resilience in the age of connectivity

Posted 13 October 2020

Jean-Sebastien Connell, a consultant at Atkins, tells us why we should modify our thinking to ensure the resilience of our UK border network.

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Covid-19 crisis accelerates digital change in defence sector

Posted 10 September 2020

Matt Medley, Senior Product Manager, IFS, explains why the Covid-19 crisis has caused an acceleration of digital transformation across defence organisations.

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CFMS study bolsters business case for regional electric aircraft

Posted 15 July 2020

A new study from the Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS), a not-for-profit specialist in digital engineering, has helped the aerospace industry move a step closer to the development of regional electric

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Composite aerostructures in a changing world

Posted 19 May 2020

Tim Edwards, Head of Engineering, Aerospace, Atkins, highlights key challenges facing aerospace engineers, as the world aims at zero net CO2 emissions by 2050.

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A&D supply chains at tipping point

Posted 7 May 2020

Wolf Von Kumberg and Elizabeth Reid at law firm Bird & Bird, examine the impact of COVID-19 on Aerospace & Defence (A&D) supply chains and building resilience.

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Additive manufacturing v traditional alternatives

Posted 16 March 2020

Nick Allen, Managing Director, 3DPrint UK, compares additive manufacturing for parts production against more traditional alternative processes.

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Impact of AI, battlefield electrification and UAVs in 2020

Posted 1 March 2020

Graham Grose, VP and Industry Director, Aerospace & Defence, IFS, outlines three tech initiatives changing the logistics and supply chains of the military, OEMs and providers of future in-service defence support.

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Is aviation taking cyber security seriously?

Posted 3 February 2020

Matthew Simpson, Head of Cyber Security at Atkins, considers whether the aviation industry is taking the issue of cyber security seriously enough.

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Rethinking aerospace and defence data management

Posted 17 January 2020

Graham McCall, Vice President Operations UK, Aras, tells us why the aerospace and defence sectors need to rethink their approach to data management.

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How billions in gold bullion moved covertly from London to Poland

Posted 6 January 2020

Over the past few months, 8,000 gold bars - 100 tonnes - were carefully transported from the Bank of England’s vaults in London to Poland.

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Electric battlefields and powering logistical support

Posted 10 December 2019

Jeff Pike, Head of Aerospace & Defence Strategic Programmes & Initiatives at IFS, reveals immediate operational and renewable energy driven battlefield and logistical support benefits.

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When will electric aircraft really take off?

Posted 1 November 2019

Sophie Hand, UK Country Manager at EU Automation, shares some recent developments in electric aircraft and discusses where the industry will go next.

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Open systems in defence

Posted 7 October 2019

Dave Clark, Market Director, Aerospace and Defence, Atkins, considers the extent to which organisations in the defence sector should embrace open platforms.

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Managing complexity in the aerospace industry

Posted 20 September 2019

Graham McCall, VP Operations UK, Aras, looks at why aerospace manufacturers have to fully embrace digital transformation to address greater product complexity, as well as compliance, risk and resilience issues.

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Could blockchain help prove military airworthiness?

Posted 20 August 2019

Blockchain makes headlines as the technology underpinning controversial cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Yet, asks Atkins' engineer Robert Smithers, does blockchain also have a place in proving military airworthiness?

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Digital transformation: bringing transparency to MRO

Posted 15 July 2019

Christian Matenaers, Marketing Director, Zoro.co.uk, outlines how digital transformation in the MRO industry has the potential to bring transparency and accountability to the aviation sector.

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The perils of 3D printing

Posted 1 July 2019

Sarah Hewitt, Director in the Major Risks Practice of Gallagher and Wayne Leech of Travelers Insurance, examine some of the risks that can accompany the many opportunities 3D printing offers industry.

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Inspiring the female future

Posted 23 June 2019

Hetal Petal, Marketing Projects Manager, Advanced Engineering, looks at the importance of women in engineering throughout history and what can be done to encourage more females into the industry.

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Decontaminising supply chains

Posted 17 June 2019

Dr David Scrimshire, Managing Director of TEC Transnational, examines problems caused by conflict minerals and counterfeit parts in the supply chain.

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Data sharing to fight SOC

Posted 1 June 2019

In response to the recent report by the National Crime Agency (NCA), Vern Davis, Head of Aerospace, Defence and Security at Sopra Steria, provides a potential solution to the danger of serious and organised crime (SOC).

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The manufacturing workforce imperative

Posted 14 May 2019

Graham Stubbs, Managing Director at Dean Group, highlights the current skills shortage in advanced engineering and the need to prioritise the growth of the UK's manufacturing workforce.

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Realising transformative opportunities

Posted 18 April 2019

Guy Herbertson, Principal, UK, global co-leader, aerospace & defence at Boyden, talks to Robert Aitchison, who has led change and transformation in a range of industries but with a focus on aerospace and defence.

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Women in aerospace

Posted 1 April 2019

Julia Jiggins, senior specialist within Thales in the UK’s civil avionics business, draws on her own personal experience to examine the challenges facing – and benefits of – women in aerospace.

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Managing cloud computing risks

Posted 20 March 2019

Sarah Hewitt, Director, Major Risks Practice, Gallagher and Craig Mounser, Senior Underwriter, Technology Practice, Travelers Insurance Company, provide insights into cloud computing opportunities and risks.

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Ending of A380 production and the future for airlines and investors

Posted 1 March 2019

Lewis Leslie and David Archer from IBA’s team of analysts, consider the implications of Airbus' decision to terminate A380 production and what the future holds for airlines and investors.

in Features

Managing your company's reputation

Posted 18 February 2019

Sarah Hewitt, Director in the Major Risks Practice of Gallagher and Ciaran Simms, an Underwriter for the Travelers Insurance Company’s Technology practice, examine how to protect your company's reputation.

in Features

The post-Brexit space race

Posted 8 February 2019

Mark Sewell, CIO, Curo Talent, explains why it is vital for the UK to keep up with the space race post-Brexit.

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Preventing costly electronic hardware mistakes

Posted 1 February 2019

Steve Carlson and James Chew at Cadence Design Systems, look at ways to overcome barriers to the application of advanced node semiconductor technology in aerospace and defence.

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Space tech to deliver education for all

Posted 24 January 2019

Graham Turnock, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, explains how space technology is set to enable universal educational opportunities

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Drones set to transform airspace in 2019

Posted 17 January 2019

Richard Ellis, Vice President of Customer Success at AirMap, examines airspace changes aimed at addressing drone risks.

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Building an electrifying defence

Posted 4 December 2018

Benjamin Stafford, materials science expert at materials search engine Matmatch, explores materials and technologies that could make electrification possible for transportation in aerospace and defence.

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Customs management digitisation pays off

Posted 12 November 2018

Following the release of a new study into the digitisation of customs processes, Iqubal Pannu, Senior Solutions Consultant, AEB (International) Ltd., examines some of its key findings.

in Features

The UK’s second fastest growing export sector

Posted 12 October 2018

Jim Higginbotham, managing director, asset finance, Wyelands Bank, looks at the export potential of the aerospace sector.

in Features

Mastering complexity to ensure naval asset readiness

Posted 1 October 2018

According to Evan Butler-Jones, Director, Defence Product Line, Aerospace & Defence Business Unit, IFS, Naval stakeholders should start to consider IT systems as strategic enablers.

in Features

Overcoming aviation security challenges

Posted 20 September 2018

Nitha Rachel Suresh, Cyber Security Consultant at Synopsys, considers the very real threats to aviation security and the ways and means by which these widespread security challenges can be overcome.

in Features

Aerospace and defence: from risk to value through digitisation

Posted 1 September 2018

Hannah Beckett, Business Solutions Consultant, AEB (International) Ltd., outlines how to deliver value amid turbulent markets in the digital age – together with global suppliers.

in Features

Data-driven design development for military vehicles

Posted 13 August 2018

Emma Cygan, Design and Development Engineer at Pailton Engineering, explains how data from real life military vehicles is informing the design and testing of new parts.

in Features

SSRO revised Allowable Costs guidance in single source defence contracting

Posted 17 July 2018

Elizabeth Reid, Partner and Lucy England, Associate, at UK law firm Bird & Bird, examine implications for defence contracting of revised guidance from the Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) on

in Features

RAF 100: A rich history and bright future of collaboration

Posted 10 July 2018

By Paul Everitt, Chief Executive, ADS Group

in Features

Aerospace industry adaptation

Posted 21 June 2018

Neil Cayley, Lead Consultant at Jonathan Lee Contract Recruitment, explores current issues affecting the aerospace industry and explains why adaption is vital to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

in Features

FIFA World Cup 2018: Russian to secure stadiums

Posted 11 June 2018

Evan Kerr, senior security consultant at Restrata, considers stadium security strategies ahead of the World Cup in Russia.

in Features

Revealing resilience

Posted 1 June 2018

Brendon Hill, Global Head of Aerospace at BSI, considers the world’s first Organisational Resilience Index and what it shows about the aerospace industry

in Features

Diversity in security

Posted 15 May 2018

Evan Kerr, a senior security consultant with Restrata, looks at the benefits of diversity in developing innovative security solutions.

in Features

Are GDPR and cyber risks on airlines' radar?

Posted 1 May 2018

Sjaak Schouteren, Partner, European Cyber Team and Paul Waring, Partner, Aviation Team, at JLT Specialty, consider airlines' preparedness for GDPR and cyber risks.

in Features

Creating a culture of excellence to drive productivity

Posted 1 March 2018

Professor Peter Hines and Robin Jaques provide an insight into how productivity in an organisation can be improved by developing a culture of excellence.

in Features

Four tech developments impacting commercial aviation in 2018

Posted 1 February 2018

Mark Martin, Director, Commercial Aviation Product Line, Aviation & Defence Business Unit, IFS, sets out four tech developments helping airlines meet challenges and produce benefits for commercial aviation in 2018.

in Features

Bold ambitions for space in the UK

Posted 2 January 2018

Science Minister Jo Johnson gives an overview of space in the UK and how - as the SatelLife competition is launched - young people will empower the sector.

in Features

Meeting demand for UAV engineers

Posted 1 December 2017

Peter Heap, senior consultant, aerospace and defence division at Jonathan Lee Recruitment, explains why the Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) sector provides opportunities for ex-forces technicians and engineers.

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Data collaboration for MRO

Posted 1 November 2017

Mark Martin, Director, Operator Edition Product Line, Aviation & Defence Business Unit, IFS, tells us why sharing is caring in the aviation industry.

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Locking into cyber security

Posted 24 October 2017

With cyber attacks and ransomware demands increasing, Steve Borwell-Fox, owner/manager of software house borwell, examines various cyber security regimes for businesses of differing sizes.

in Features

Defence set for transformation

Posted 15 September 2017

Evan Butler-Jones, Director, Defence Product Line, Aviation & Defence Business Unit at IFS, looks at five changes set to transform the in-service support model for the military over the next decade.

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The virtuous military intelligence cycle

Posted 6 September 2017

Graham Le Fevre, Senior Campaign Leader, Cyber Security & Information as a Service (IaaS), QinetiQ, extols the virtues of the intelligence cycle and tells us why its enduring principles continue to drive innovation.

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Risks within complex ownership structures

Posted 1 September 2017

Hannah Beckett, Sales Manager, AEB (International) Ltd., looks at risks lurking behind complex ownership structures and whether organisations can be sure they are trading in compliance with bans on indirect provisions.

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Light-guide tech saving space in aircraft

Posted 25 August 2017

With light-guide technologies set to save space onboard aircraft, Terry Moss, Sales Director, Stadium IGT, explains the practical advantages they provide compared to alternate solutions.

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Blockchain for aviation asset management

Posted 5 July 2017

Bas de Vos, Director of IFS Labs at IFS, explores the potential benefits of using blockchain technology as a way to securely reinforce aviation asset management.

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Advancing soldier safety with smart technology

Posted 15 June 2017

As smart military-grade wearables develop, Leon Marsh, CEO of Bodytrak, looks at those able to capture and wirelessly transfer data for the health, wellbeing and efficiency of the dismounted soldier.

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Military MRO: solving skills shortages with AR

Posted 1 June 2017

Graham Grose, Vice President and Industry Director at the Aviation & Defence Business Unit at IFS, examines the use of augmented reality (AR) to deliver maintenance expertise from anywhere in the world.

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Other News

Dealing with a supplier SOS

Paul Adams, Director and aerospace & defence sector specialist at Vendigital, highlights the ways in which OEMs and their suppliers can proactively address critical supply chain risks.

Lifesaver launches new emergency response product

Colchester-based Lifesaver Systems have launched the latest addition to the Lifesaver family, the Lifesaver cube, which has been developed for humanitarian crises and natural disasters.

BAE Systems enhances industrial cooperation between the UK and Malaysia

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between BAE Systems and the Malaysian Industry Group High Technology (MIGHT) to strengthen industrial cooperation between the UK and Malaysia.

Engineering precision miniature motors for advanced aerospace and defence systems

Julian Del Campo, Business Development Manager, Aerospace and Defence, Portescap, looks at the development of precision miniature motors in advanced aerospace and defence systems.

Driving defence decarbonisation

Richard Gutsell, Programme Director, Atkins, stresses the need for more enduring partnerships to ensure defence can actually achieve its aim of delivering true decarbonisation.

Transformation of defence operations via digital threads

Mivy James, Digital Transformation Director, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, outlines how digital threads are transforming multidomain operations.

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