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Altus adds Scienscope

Posted 9 May 2018 · Add Comment

Altus Group has added American company, Scienscope to its list of pre-eminent suppliers.

Scienscope was founded in 1995 to meet the growing need for reliable general purpose optical and video inspection solutions for the electronics and PCB industries. Since then the company has evolved to become a complete inspection solution provider offering microscopes, measurement systems, machine vision, and X-ray.

Altus has added the company’s advanced fast and accurate component counting systems to its portfolio. Scienscope component counters communicate with data management providing complete inventory control. This guarantees manufacturer will save time, money by reducing labour and avoiding problems like ‘line down’ scenarios due to lack of a component.

Joe Booth, Altus Sales Manager said “Whether you are working in a contract manufacturing or original manufacturing organisation you will encounter problems in component and stock management. The causes may be different, however, the difficulty caused by error and inefficiency are the same. Because of this, companies everywhere are trying to create a more efficient and traceable component management process to avoid financial and time burdens. To help in this ideal we felt it was important to secure a leading company and are extremely happy to be able to offer our customers Scienscope products.

“There is an obvious and growing trend in all manufacturers to increase traceability and communication between parts of an organisation to allow for smooth manufacturing processes and to reduce risk of error. For any manufacturer downtime is the critical element they want to avoid, let alone downtime caused by a missing component that no one was aware of. With the availability of Scienscope’s inline and batch X-Ray component counter equipment, stock inventory is always up to date, your risk of error is lowered, and you don’t experience downtime on your machines due to components moving forward.

“We are so impressed with their equipment that we now have a unit that can be used in on-site evaluations allowing customers to test the equipment for themselves and see what impact investing would have on the company at no cost."


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