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Blu Wireless launches 360° Tactical Vehicle Node

Posted 10 November 2021 · Add Comment

Bristol based Blu Wireless has announced the launch of a new 360° Tactical Vehicle Node, providing a mmWave mobile mesh platform which offers a balance of feature rich, independently configurable and high-performance building blocks, enabling scalable tactical connectivity between vehicles.

Above: Blu Wireless’s new Tactical Vehicle Node enables 360° dynamic mesh networking on the move.
Courtesy Blu Wireless

In contrast to commercial networks, tactical 5G military networks necessitate systems which are standalone, secure, can be easily interfaced to existing tactical equipment and are resistant to single point of failure. Blu Wireless’s Tactical Vehicle Node, based on open IEEE 5G mmWave standards, offers the flexibility, security and reliability needed to enable a wide range of use cases in naval, space, air, and land forces to deliver next-generation multi-gigabit speed to the tactical edge.

Mark Barrett, Chief Commercial Officer, Blu Wireless, commented: “We expect that the tactical integration of multi spectral sensor data from multiple sources in real time will define the future of battlefield communications. The ability of IEEE 5G to deliver covert peer-to-peer dynamic mesh networks will form a key part of this vision, meeting not only current demand but also enabling new use cases for tactical 5G networks, such as AI-driven and rapid deployable Command Posts.”

Configurable to provide 360° communications coverage via mesh networking, this mmWave mobile mesh platform enables tactical vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, land, air and sea-based operations, tactical platform manoeuvring and vehicle maintenance massive data upload. System features including covert LPI waveform with encryption and advanced application software provide the built-in flexibility that allows customers to configure connections for a variety of applications, remotely or in the field to meet new or unforeseen requirements.

Blu Wireless has recently successfully completed a ground-breaking trial of its Tactical Vehicle Node, proving that IEEE 5G mmWave technology delivers tactical 5G in realistic operational scenarios.





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