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Dstl releases Corporate Plan 2019-24

Posted 28 August 2019 · Add Comment

Building on its strategic review of 2018, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has today released its Corporate Plan 2019-24, which outlines how it is developing its strategy towards delivering high-impact science and technology for UK defence and security.

The document details how Dstl will continue to play a vital role in protecting the people of the UK by providing solutions for defence and security. It highlights the accelerating advance of science and technology with a diverse  range of current and emerging technologies (e.g., Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Robotics, Cyber) that are already changing the character of modern
defence and security operations.

The Plan outlines how Dstl's is preparing for the future and how support to customers has evolved to reflect changes in the defence and security science and technology landscape, shifting the balance of its investments to ensure it remains in the vanguard of technological advances. Its vision is to be acknowledged as a Centre of Excellence for UK defence and security science and technology, operating seamlessly with partners to deliver by anticipating future science and technology potential and delivering game-changing capability to its customers that provide strategic advantage over adversaries.

Dstl is responsible for the stewardship of defence and security science and technology capabilities by: ensuring the required capabilities are available now and in the future in line with the MoD science and technology Strategy; bringing together the right people, relationships, infrastructure, knowledge and licences to practise; maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of our science and technology infrastructure and assets; working with industry, academia, wider Government and its allies to access and build capability.

Click here for the full Dstl Corporate Plan 2019-2024

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