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Glasgow Airport undertakes airfield LED light switch

Posted 19 January 2022 · Add Comment

A project is underway to swap out the LED floodlights illuminating Glasgow Airport’s airfield with a more sustainable model that is 25% more energy efficient.

Image courtesy Glasgow Airport

As part of the airport’s continued commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, around 75% of the components housed in the outgoing lights will be collected and recycled by a Waste from Electronic and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) company before going back into the supply chain.

In 2013, Glasgow became the first airport in the world to upgrade to a fully LED-lit apron in compliance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). At the time, the move away from high-pressure sodium apron lighting improved energy efficiency by 60%.

The initial £130,000 multi-phase programme will also see the outgoing Sparta Series LED floodlights stripped down and their parts recycled by Midstream Lighting and replaced by the more energy efficient Modus 650, which are brighter and deliver great coverage using less fittings that also come with a longer lifespan.

Ronald Leitch, Operations Director at Glasgow Airport, said: “We launched our Sustainability Strategy last summer and a key are of focus is the decarbonisation of our infrastructure and operations by the mid-2030s.

“Glasgow Airport led the way in 2013 when we upgraded the lighting system on our apron ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games and improving our energy efficiency by more than half.

“As the current lighting is nearing the end of its lifecycle, we are not only gaining further energy efficiency and improved lighting by installing the new Modus 650 LED series, but the overall project will also support our circular economy commitments by ensuring the Sparta lights are also recycled.”       

The year-long project will see a team of engineers from Dewhurst Airfield Services replace just under 120 fittings housed within the 20-metre-high floodlights positioned across all the apron areas where aircraft are parked at Glasgow Airport.

Phase one of the project saw 26 floodlights swapped out in the apron area that was allocated to support all head of state and delegate travel during COP26 last November.

Glasgow Airport once again engaged leading LED lighting designer and manufacturer Midstream Lighting to complete the latest upgrade programme. Midstream Lighting is a signatory of The Climate Pledge, which has seen more than 200 companies and organisations commit net zero by 2040.

Yuli Grig, Commercial Director at Midstream Lighting, said: “We are really pleased to be working with Glasgow Airport once again to upgrade the first-generation LED floodlights with the latest generation, which will generate further energy savings and lighting improvements.

“In keeping with the sustainable aims of both Midstream Lighting and Glasgow Airport, we use Lumicom Services - an approved Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collection and recycling company. Approximately 75% of all WEEE collected by Lumicom is recycled and put back into the supply chain, with the rest going through waste to energy routes, which minimises waste going to landfill and is a real-life case of the circular economy in action.

“Midstream Lighting is proud to continue supporting Glasgow Airport in being a true leader in the fight against climate change through energy reduction and sustainable business practise.”



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