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Hawk opens blockchain office in Geneva

Posted 25 June 2018 · Add Comment

Hawk Associates Ltd (Hawk), a British based company established in 1992 to provide secure data management and intelligence solutions, has opened a new Blockchain project office in Geneva.

Located near to Geneva International Airport, the new office will support Blockchain technology and application development for the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Energy sectors, from a strategic and operational perspective.

The European Blockchain Project Office sits within Hawk’s newly established company, DAPPS SA, and will provide business development and technical support and advice for clients who want to better exploit the potential of Blockchain and to develop secure Blockchain applications (DAPPs: distributed applications) using the public distributed ledger protocols, a database securely recording transactions across a network.

Company Chairman, Charles Radford, said: “Using Blockchain technology for securing verified information is a vital step towards improving cyber security levels and resilience. Several applications have been identified which involve securely recording financial, physical or electronic assets for sharing across a network. We are currently looking at information integrity, security of the supply-chain, airport operations and distributed energy applications as key areas for

Hawk has over 25 years of experience working with Government and Industry clients within the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Energy markets and has previously worked on large-scale funded projects (VIRTUOSO and RECOBIA). Hawk is a founding member of the EUROSINT Forum, advancing the discussion and state-of-the-art for the European intelligence community.

The European Blockchain Project Office management team is made up of senior industry professionals and supported by project managers and developers.

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