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Helitech highlighting big data's role in operational success

Posted 26 September 2018 · Add Comment

Helitech International 2018, taking place in Amsterdam (16-18 October) at the RAI Amsterdam Exhibition and Convention Centre, will include a focus on how big data is contributing to advances in the rotorcraft industry.

Courtesy Helitech

It will provide a three-day symposium for thought and discussion between the industry’s leading innovators, operators and influencers.  With insights from Sikorsky, Shell Aircraft, Milestone Aviation and leading industry associations, such as the European Helicopter Association (EHA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), attendees will gain a greater understanding of the breadth of the civil and commercial rotorcraft industry.

Over 80 international experts from across the vertical industries are confirmed to speak at the conference offering senior management teams and decision makers the opportunity to garner knowledge from an overview of global trends, international market updates and global business leader forums.

Rotorcraft engineers and specialists are also invited to attend sector specific and technical conferences for more in-depth insights. The first day of the conference will provide attendees with a full market overview as well as insights into new opportunities; day two will shine a light on operations, including sessions featuring case studies on HEMS, Air Ambulance, SARs and law enforcement missions, while the third and final day will focus on technology and the new innovations being brought to market.

Kicking off the opening day on Tuesday 16 October, Flight Ascend Consultancy, Waypoint Leasing and Asian Sky Group’s senior management team will provide attendees with a global market overview, followed by Ben Chapman of the Flight Ascend Consultancy who will provide an exclusive insight into future global rotorcraft trends. Waypoint Leasing’s Fabian Graebner and Asia Sky Group’s Nadav Kessler will also be on hand to update attendees on the industry’s fastest growing market – the Asia Pacific region.

Further discussion and research into growing and emerging markets will enable operators, OEMs and suppliers to garner insight into sector specific trends. In a session titled, ‘Market Sectors: Opportunities’ Ian Gurekian, CRO of Waypoint Leasing will chair a series of invaluable sessions, welcoming speakers such as Westwood Global’s Steve Robertson (Director, Head of Oilfield Services) who will focus on the recovering Oil & Gas market and its outlook for the future.

Demonstrating why the offshore industry remains an essential organ of the rotorcraft industry, experts from HeliOffshore, Shell Aircraft and Sikorsky’s Oil & Gas division will join Helitech’s Business Leaders Forum – where the industry’s heavy-weights will take part in a series of topical and thought-provoking discussions.

With air-ambulance and other helicopter emergency services (HEMS) operations seeing a 4% growth with more than 100 new orders, day two at Helitech will look at the latest developments in operational capabilities, with a focus on the para-public services that are utilising rotorcraft technology.

Speakers include representatives from the UK Air Ambulance service; Dr Maurizio Menari, a leading anesthesiologist with over 20 years working in HEMS in Italy; and Stephanie Tovoli, Vice President at Milestone Aviation who will focus on recent work in China and the challenges of regional constraints. Moving from HEMS to law enforcement, Ollie Dismore, Director of Operations, National Police Air Service (NPAS) will help attendees understand the importance of police air operations in support of critical incidents – such as the 2017 Grenfell Tower Fire in London. He will offer advice on how operators can adapt to challenges within the sector and share lessons learned.

Big data
With technological innovations common to all sectors and the prevalence of big data helping to enhance rotorcraft operations, the final day of Helitech International will shine a spotlight on the latest technologies impacting the industry. Often referred to in the context of mapping behavioural patterns and systematic trends, big data within the rotorcraft industry is evolving. A series of sessions will help attendees understand recent advancements and the challenges surrounding the use of data in the rotorcraft industry.

Advanced Systems Group at SKYTRAC will explain how the most innovative operators can use data to improve their operations’ success rates and efficiency. With every extra flight hour, the volume of captured data increases - but is all the data always relevant?  The session, titled ‘Big Data v Lean Data: which is best for implementing real-time data into operational procedures’, will be led by Ruben Stepin, Manager at SKYTRAC Systems.

Further exploring the use of technology to enhance industry training, Richard Carvell-Shepard, Babcock International Group’s Aviation Sector Air Safety and Operational Standards Director, will speak on the future of flight training. The session will give attendees unique insights into the future of rotorcraft training programmes as operations become more complex, and pilot training continues to change, adapting to utilise new technologies and data-capture capabilities.

Helitech International 2018 conference will provide attendees with access to the industry’s leading experts as they discuss the most pressing trends impacting the industry. The show’s new Technology Showcase will feature a series of presentations from exhibitors including SKYTRAC, Rolls-Royce, Sikorksy and BAE Systems as they introduce their latest product innovations.



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