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JFD launches new stealth CDLSE MCM rebreather

Posted 3 October 2018 · Add Comment

JFD today announced the launch of the Stealth CDLSE Mk2 and Mk2-ED (Extended Duration), the latest enhanced models of its highly successful Clearance Diver’s Life Support Equipment rebreather.

The Stealth CDLSE Mk2 and Mk2-ED are used primarily for MCM-EOD (Mine Countermeasures Explosive Ordnance Disposal) and represent a new benchmark in state-of-the-art underwater life support technology, increasing levels of diver safety, equipment reliability, maintainability, operational capability and mission versatility.

Sea mines continue to increase in sophistication and are a growing operational concern as they proliferate in the naval arsenals of potentially adverse nations who maintain robust inventories. Today, sea mines are highly advanced and come in many different varieties, from bottom-buried mines, to acoustically-actuated variants to mines manufactured from composite materials; all of which makes detection and disposal even more challenging. To conduct safe MCM-EOD operations, divers need an advanced rebreather capability that provides an extended dive time even at greater depths. JFD has invested significant time and energy in bringing an advanced rebreather capability to the market that ensures divers have adequate depth and endurance capabilities to safely conduct their operations.

The Stealth CDLSE Mk2 builds upon the existing model, which has been in service for over 15 years and has a proven track record in a range of operational and environmental conditions. The set has been developed following extensive engagement with the end user to ensure it is fit for purpose to meet current and future operational requirements. Based on competitive evaluations conducted by independent government evaluation agencies and other end user organisations, Stealth CDLSE is considered one of the most popular MCM-EOD rebreathers in service, with over 600 sets in operation across 11 different countries around the world. 

Founded on JFD’s commitment to innovate continually and develop products in line with market demands and always striving to increase the safety of divers, the new Stealth CDLSE Mk2 variants feature a number of significant enhancements. This includes new and more advanced O2 sensors, which enables the control system to rapidly and accurately respond to changes in life support system status; an improved choice of cylinders; while the Mk2-ED variant contains an extended duration scrubber which provides a significantly increased dive time of six to eight hours, the only set on the market able to provide this extended endurance capability.

The Stealth CDLSE Mk2 can operate at depths of up to 100m, and fully meets the requirements of NATO AEODP-7 Class A (STANAG 2897) without compromise and under both static and dynamic test conditions in all attitudes, as well as for any components that may come into contact with magnetically sensitive ordnance. And in line with the continued technological advancements of sea mines, the new Stealth CDLSE Mk2 surpasses the low acoustic test requirements of NATO STANAG AMP15.

Commenting on the development, Giovanni Corbetta, Managing Director, JFD said: “As the complexities and sophistication of mines and underwater explosive devices continues to increase, it is critical that we also innovate and enhance our life support technology and bring to market new products that maximise the levels of diver safety. The Stealth CDLSE Mk2 variants are the new benchmark for state-of-the-art multi-mission rebreathers and builds on the recognised success and widespread uptake of our original model.

“As a company, JFD’s entire focus and reason for being is to keep those that operate underwater in often harsh and highly dangerous conditions as safe as possible, and the launch of the Stealth CDLSE Mk2 and Mk2-ED demonstrates our fundamental commitment to delivering this. Our investment in R&D is an ongoing process, and JFD will continue to bring innovative, future proof solutions and services to market that drive the highest standards in safety and quality.”


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