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PolyGlobal launches Hyperpol XL

Posted 26 November 2018 · Add Comment

Yorkshire based polyurethane moulder, PolyGlobal, has launched its own range of high-performance materials to meet increasing customer demand for stronger and more durable alternatives in critical industries.

Above: Hyperpol adds durability and sustainability to moulding processes.

PolyGlobal,has already trialled its Hyperpol XL in some of the world’s most adverse environments demonstrating that it fulfils customers’ requirements for a flexible, versatile polyurethane while retaining the strengths and protective features of engineering plastics.

Already Hyperpol XL has demonstrated its high-performance abrasion resistance, low temperature flexibility, tensile strength and good compression set across critical international industries.

And early results of Hyperpol XL have prompted PolyGlobal to develop two additional versions; Hyperpol Hydro for use in water or humid environments and Hyperpol Eco made using some factory controlled recycled material.  Both will meet customer demands for environmentally efficient and water-resistant products.

Developed in collaboration with Bradford University’s Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre, a major driver for PolyGlobal was to demonstrate the integrity of Hyperpol through fully researched and proven data.

“Customers have always relied on us to provide high quality, high performance moulded parts   When we started to develop our own brand, we wanted to be able to prove to them that Hyperpol XL would go above and beyond their expectations backed up with properly researched technical data,” said Andy Young, marketing manager at PolyGlobal.

“Most of our products are bespoke to fulfil individual customers’ needs.  Our own material had to demonstrate it could exceed those expectations. Working with an academic research facility has given us that technical data,” he added.  “Being able to provide that from the outset has given them the confidence they needed of a new material. That in turn convinced them to trial it which has led to successful applications,” he added.

Andy explained the need for three materials was to respond to the different demands of the environments and sectors in which PolyGlobal’s core customers operate.

“We have a 30-year heritage of supplying to customers in offshore, construction, agriculture, automation and engineering.  They all want the durability and protection properties that Hyperpol offers but some need added benefits, particularly Offshore for whom Hyperpol Hydro was an imperative.  It works equally effectively at low temperature and has enhanced resistance to microbial, fungal and bacterial growth.

“Sustainability is also important to our customers.  Launching a new material has given us the opportunity for the ground floor launch of a product with robust environmental credentials backed up by technical data.  Whilst maintaining the core Hyperpol properties, Hyperpol Eco is a  semi-rigid material option that carries enough flex to allow successful utilisation in damping and protection applications” he added.

PolyGlobal’s ambition is that Hyperpol will become the specified material for high value projects, giving them a competitive edge and their customers the confidence to rely on the performance of Hyperpol moulded components in abrasive and hostile environments.


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