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SeeQuestor REAL TIME launched at Security & Policing 2019

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SeeQuestor REAL TIME was unveiled at Security & Policing in Farnborough today, making the pioneering video analytics platform available in real time, both to law enforcement and the wider public safety ecosystem for the first time.

SeeQuestor REAL TIME, which uses AI and Deep Learning to power its suite of video analytics, will connect to live cameras and person of interest watch lists.

Security personnel will no longer need to watch video in the conventional manner. Instead, they will be fed video intelligence from SeeQuestor’s powerful metadata engines direct to the control room as well as to mobile devices, delivering immediate, actionable, video intelligence for vastly improved outcomes. The multi award-winning platform can be used with unlimited cameras, of varying quality and across locations.

Courtesy SeeQuestor

The platform supports unlimited simultaneous users. It is initially available with a Model 10 PLUS or Model 20 PLUS server, (with added mobile applications as required).

Henry Hyde-Thomson, CEO of SeeQuestor, said: “SeeQuestor REAL TIME is a truly scalable, high performance,productthat will enable significant improvement in security outcomes for our customers. REAL TIME is a natural progression from our post-event product offering and now users will be able to enjoy both together, for a comprehensive video solution.” 

REAL TIME is designed for in-field operatives requiring real-time biometric information andtracking for identification and intelligence gathering, delivered either to the control room or smart phone. Officers can use a photo to look up persons of interest against accessible databases, enrol unknown suspects or add information to existing profiles ‘on the go’. Live alerts and search capabilities will facilitate finding missing people, locating and tracking suspects and other persons of interest.

Desktop version
SeeQuestor also revealed its video analytics platform in a portable desktop server - Model 1 (right) - at Security & Policing today, designed for mobile or rapid deployment units.

The Model 1 - which provides access to the multiple award-winning platform - is recommended for cases with up to 1,000 hours of footage (but can cope with more) and can support up to 20,000 hours of video. It is also designed for proof of concept.

Henry Hyde-Thompson, CEO of SeeQuestor, said: “The Model 1 packs all of the capability of the SeeQuestor platform into a portable desktop server, that weighs no more than 10kg when fully populated.

“This gives access to a suite of world-leading video analytics that use the very latest developments in AI and Deep Learning, which result in productivity gains of up to 100x for law enforcement or security teams who deal with large quantities of video footage.”

Model 1 units include the acclaimed video importer, which can ingest and read almost any video footage, regardless of source, from vehicle dashcams and PTZs to drones, bodycams and cellphone footage.

The SeeQuestor platform is powered by artificial intelligence and its capabilities include video analytics, format conversion, maps and viewing modules that will significantly boost a team's productivity, regardless of the quality of the video footage (which is often very poor).


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