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CAE delivers Medallion MR e-Series to BAE Systems for RAF TFST

Posted 29 November 2021 · Add Comment

The first two CAE Medallion MR e-Series visual display systems are being installed at RAF Coningsby, where prime contractor BAE Systems will integrate them as part of the Typhoon Future Synthetic Training (TFST) programme for the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Image courtesy CAE

One week ahead of the start of the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) today - the world’s largest military training and simulation event taking place 29th November to 3rd December in Orlando, Florida - CAE announced that it is installing the first two CAE Medallion MR e-Series visual display systems with BAE Systems as part of the Typhoon Future Synthetic Training (TFST) programme for the RAF.

CAE is installing the first two CAE Medallion MR e-Series visual display systems at RAF Coningsby where they will be integrated with Typhoon cockpits and other simulation systems. Site acceptance testing is planned over the next several months ahead of the expected ready-for-training certification later in 2022.

In total, BAE Systems contracted CAE to provide ten CAE Medallion MR e-Series visual display systems that BAE Systems will integrate into the Typhoon full-mission simulators for the RAF. Six of the CAE Medallion MR e-Series visual display systems will go to RAF Coningsby and four to RAF Lossiemouth, which are the RAF’s two main Typhoon operating bases.

During I/ITSEC ( in Orlando, Florida next week, CAE (Booth #1734) will be demonstrating the 225-degree dome display variant of the CAE e-Series visual system designed specifically for fighter and fast-jet training applications.  

“We look forward to our e-Series visual display systems supporting the synthetic training capability that BAE Systems is delivering to the Royal Air Force,” said Marc-Olivier Sabourin, Vice President and General Manager, Defence & Security International, CAE. “The exceptional realism and digital immersion offered by our e-Series product line helps deliver significant training value by allowing complex and challenging fighter aircraft tasks to be rehearsed in a safe virtual environment.”

CAE is also under contract to provide BAE Systems with four Medallion MR e-Series visual display systems for the Eurofighter Typhoon simulators BAE Systems will deliver to the Qatar Emiri Air Force. In addition, a CAE e-Series visual display system will be delivered to BAE Systems to be used as part of the Typhoon Virtual Environment systems integration lab at the company’s Eurofighter Typhoon production facility in Warton, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

"In an increasingly complex battlespace, the ability to fly multiple aircraft alongside maritime and land assets is crucial to mission success and Typhoon Future Synthetic Training puts Typhoon at the heart of this for the UK,” said Jez Milne, Head of Operational Training Delivery, BAE Systems – Air. "Synthetics deliver cost savings but they also deliver highly complex scenarios quickly, effectively and securely whilst reducing the cost and environmental impact of live flying."

BAE Systems is the prime contractor responsible for the TFST program for the RAF and will deliver ten next-generation Typhoon simulators and eight deployable trainers equipped with the latest software to match the aircraft operated on the front line.

CAE’s e-Series product line offers a visual solution for a range of fighter and fast-jet training tasks, such as formation and low-level flying, air-to-air refueling and target identification. Some of the key features include:

  • Unique screen shape and coating along with pixel-shifting technology that optimizes visual acuity to the pilot
  • Operation at 120 Hz for improved dynamic resolution and enhanced Detection, Orientation, Recognition, Identification (DORI) ranges
  • Optically blended visual channels in the primary field-of-view
  • Ease of cockpit ingress and egress with innovative door design
  • Compact footprint and ease of maintenance




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