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DASA competition to stop tanks enters second phase

Posted 26 June 2019 · Add Comment

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition which seeks proposals for novel approaches to stopping or impeding tanks and other heavy armoured vehicles, while preventing or minimising collateral damage, is entering its second phase.

Courtesy DASA

DASA welcomes proposals relating to physical barriers / effects (such as traps and rapid ways to build them, or interference with wheels and tracks). We are also interested in invisible barriers / effects such as non-kinetic (non-explosive) weapons which could slow or disable vehicles (such as those employing electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or sonic based methods). Approaches that disable the target’s ability to fight are also acceptable but DASA are not interested in any explosive-based solutions such as anti-tank mines or solutions involving direct or indirect fire weapons.

DASA hopes to achieve this through harnessing advances in engineering, design, materials science, computing and non-kinetic weapons.

The primary focus of this competition is defence but DASA are also interested in technologies that have wider security applications. Technologies that address a similar capability requirement within the civil sector, such as preventing vehicle-related terrorist attacks, will be considered if they are demonstrated to be effective against military class vehicles and capable of being deployed in a wide range of operational environments related to defence.

This is the second phase addressing this theme. Both phase 1 existing suppliers and new suppliers are welcome to apply. DASA are anticipating at least £2 million will be available for this competition from which DASA predict funding multiple projects.

This competition closes on Friday 16th August 2019 at midday.

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