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Dyer & Butler and MGSPFS help make overnight airside work safer

Posted 22 August 2019 · Add Comment

Fellow M Group Services businesses, Dyer & Butler and M Group Services Plant & Fleet Solutions (MGSPFS), have joined forces to develop an innovative aviation safety solution designed to make overnight repair and maintenance works in airside environments safer.

Dyer & Butler teams delivering essential infrastructure services as part of the company’s aviation division are now benefitting from floor saws fitted with halo lights that use high-powered, red LEDs to clearly mark out exclusion zones on the tarmac. The halo saw lights will support Dyer & Butler’s specialist aviation teams who regularly carry out works at night to avoid disruptions to runway activities.

Dyer & Butler Senior Contracts Manager Ian Woolley comments: “As a responsible business, we constantly challenge ourselves to look at how we can better our working environment and ensure we continue to deliver for our clients in a safe and complaint manner. As part of this process, we work closely with MGSPFS to proactively identify and co-develop solutions that will help to keep Dyer & Butler teams safe within the highly visible and time-sensitive environments that they work in. The halo floor saw is the latest example of the way in which key safety features can be introduced and implemented and we are delighted to have co-developed such an effective safety-led solution for our aviation teams.”
Dyer & Butler Maintenance Manager Andrew Nash added: “The visual impact of the red exclusion zone around the floor saw is so effective. This is the future: it can and should be adapted to other forms of plant to keep people safe when working around potentially hazardous equipment.”

MGSPFS Plant Director Adrian Hart added: “Safety is our number one priority. This new solution will ensure that Dyer & Butler teams are working in a safe and compliant manner during the delivery of essential infrastructure services on behalf of their aviation clients.”


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