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G4S Academy to bring intelligence into future security

Posted 24 May 2018 · Add Comment

With threat awareness becoming progressively more important to the success of a security programme, the newly launched G4S Academy is working to bring intelligence in security to the forefront.

The threats that companies face, from global stability and terrorism to local environments and technology, are changing every day. With exponential technological advancements making it easier to steal data and interrupt critical business operations, adaptability, innovation, global capability and security awareness are more important than ever, making intelligence a priority for security.

“It’s essential that our customers get knowledge, from a global perspective, of the newest, most sophisticated solutions that cover these threats,” said Ole Knudsen, Managing Director of G4S Denmark.

Intelligence not only means creating a culture of awareness but also connecting security with core business strategies, making it an integrated and active part of a company’s operations. The G4S Academy, an initiative developed by G4S Denmark, was set up with this in mind.

According to Steen Brahe Bonke, Director of Strategic Solutions at G4S Denmark, many organisations are not getting enough out of their investments in security because of a fundamental lack of knowledge around threats.

"Security managers often experience pressure to focus on specific threats, and then concentrate on specific measures against these threats,” said Bonke. “This means that organisations often use a lot of resources on hedging solutions that really don’t create any commercial value.”

The G4S Academy is committed to creating an intelligent culture that challenges this way of thinking, embracing and adapting to technological change, and predicting future security demands by leveraging in-house knowledge and sharing it with customers – a philosophy called ‘Intelligent Security Solutions’.

“We know a lot, and to bring that to our local and global customers, that’s very important,” explained Knudsen. “It’s all about training our customers and giving them the knowledge on how they should manage the different security solutions they have, or the needs they have.”

Through the Academy, customers have access to the most innovative solutions and the most skilled people, who can advise them based on their own specific requirements. At the heart of this is threat assessment. “Regardless of business type or industry, it can be an advantage to get an overview of current threats,” said Bonke. “Increased security is not necessarily achieved by installing new security solutions but through a basic understanding of the real security needs of the company. Knowing the current threats to your business can help maximise your investment in security.”


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