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Gwent Police deploy VISOR-P at NATO Conference

Posted 14 October 2014 · Add Comment

The VISOR-P under vehicle imaging and surveillance system (UVIS) was used by Gwent Police at the recent NATO Conference, with the Welsh force deeming the system's use to be a valuable source of support to their security operation at the event.

Following equipment tests, Gwent placed a contract with Visor Systems Ltd to rent a number of VISOR systems. The contract also included the requirement to train police officers in the use of VISOR and to provide the staff for 24 x 7 support.

An Official from Gwent Police stated: “VISOR under vehicle imaging and surveillance systems were deployed at the 2014 NATO conference at several vehicle search areas. The police search teams expressed the view that VISOR allowed them to view underside areas of the vehicles that were not viewable with the traditional techniques and that they were impressed with the quality of images, ease of use and quick deployment capability of the system.

“The search teams appreciated not having to crawl under vehicles except to examine specific items found by the VISOR operator.”

VISOR-P is a fully portable under vehicle imaging and surveillance system which is typically used by Police, Customs and Border Military agencies to find threat items, illegal immigrants and contraband. Unlike mirrors on sticks which can only see a fraction of the underside, the VISOR operator sees a complete image of the underside. VISOR has several cameras which ensure that the operator has a complete view of the underside as a composite image and can use the zoom facility to look at the frames from each camera for a detailed inspection. Because the cameras are angled the operator can use the search / zoom facility to see around objects. This powerful feature means that it is very difficult to hide contraband behind objects.

VISOR-P can be moved from site to site in a car or van and installed by one or two people in a few minutes. The underside image is displayed for inspection on a daylight bright viewing LCD screen and the proprietary software provides the operator with an intuitive interface to maximise his/her search efficiency and effectiveness. All images are clear and in colour. The inherent resolution of the cameras means that the operator can see very small objects. The VISOR software archives every image allowing comparison to be made between images of the same vehicle.

VISOR systems are also available for permanent installations and for inspecting rail rolling stock.


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