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JFD surveys US vessels for US Navy submarine rescue

Posted 24 May 2022

JFD has recently undertaken its first Vessel of Opportunity (VOO) surveys in the United States, on vessels that may be designated Submarine Rescue Motherships (MOSHIPs) operated by - or for - the US Navy.

Image courtesy US Navy

JFD was contracted to complete VOO assessments for the US Navy, including their dedicated rescue training MOSHIP, HOS Dominator and a similar vessel, USNS Black Powder, one of four sister vessels operated by the Navy. Engineers and Naval Architects from JFD conducted the surveys which evaluated the suitability of both vessels to accommodate the compatibility with another Submarine Rescue System (SRS) operating nation.

Ensuring vessels have full technical compliance for embarking international SRS equipment is critical in the event of a Distressed Submarine (DISSUB), where not having a suitable host vessel available will likely result in catastrophic delays.

Greg Cotten, Head of Operational Capability and Technical Authority, JFD said: “As a world leader in the design, build and operation of Submarine Rescue Systems, JFD is proud to have completed our first VOO surveys in the United States.

JFD’s experienced personnel, including Naval Architects, are on hand to help clients take proactive measures and ensure their vessels can host international submarine rescue systems.

Supporting the US Navy with safeguarding against any potential delays in the event of a submarine rescue operation aligns with our commitment to improve submariner safety and preserve life in the event of a submarine incident.”

JFD can provide a range of services in support of MOSHIPs and VOOs, such as Ship Survey and Suitability Assessments, as well as operating a VOO Database Service which tracks and monitors suitable VOOs that can be called upon in the time of need.

Experienced JFD personnel will be taking their vast knowledge of submarine rescue to the Combined Naval Event (CNE), which will be held from 24th - 26th May this year at the Farnborough Exhibition Centre in the UK. JFD are the SMERAS (Submarine Escape, Rescue, Abandonment and Survival) Partner and delivering a presentation on Wednesday 25th May at 9.30am: ‘Capability and requirements of Rescue MOSHIPs and VOOs to host Submarine Rescue Systems in the time of need.’

JFD will also be hosting an exclusive roundtable briefing discussing the opportunities of accommodating a Submarine Rescue System onto a vessel, as well as the challenges faced.


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