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Petards reveals eyeCraft360 at DSEI

Posted 11 September 2019 · Add Comment

Petards has unveiled its ‘eyeCraft360’ to the world defence market at this week's DSEI event in London.

Above: Major General Colin McClean of the UK’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) trying out eyeCraft360 for himself on Petards stand at DSEI.
Courtesy Petards

Developed in the UK by Petards, eyeCraft360 is the world’s first military grade 360 spherical view camera system. It dramatically improves local situational awareness for armoured vehicles and provides a welcome boost to crew safety.  

Since the unveiling defence experts from around the world visiting DSEI have been among the first to try out this brand new product, which instantly gives complete coverage around any vehicle including directly above it and below.  

Developed in response to the growing need for improved close-range awareness, especially in the urban environment, eyeCraft360 provides a simple, rapid and cost effective capability boost for all in-service armoured vehicles.  It also helps to reduce accidents and damage when manoeuvring.  

The system comprises a hull-mountable omnidirectional camera, a single rugged screen and an armoured cable to join them together. Thanks to the simplicity of the design, it is ready for use straight out of the box.  Expensive and time-consuming integration is not required. It avoids the need for any mechanical moving parts by digitally stitching and stabilising its inputs to give a seamless 360 view at all times. 
Scott Patterson, Defence Director at Petards said: "We are delighted that Major General Colin McClean of the UK’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) was able to take the time to visit our stand today and try out eyeCraft360 for himself.  We have been very lucky to have had support and advice from serving British Army personnel throughout the development process and look forward to putting it into service."

Petards are providers of data driven security, surveillance and communication technology, developing defence, rail and traffic solutions that help deliver smart technologies. Their reputation has allowed them to build relationships with leading companies and organisations across the world, including Bombardier, Siemens, Stadler, Hitachi, BAE Systems, Leonardo and the UK's Ministry of Defence.


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