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SSP Group selects F1-Inspired aerofoils

Posted 25 January 2019 · Add Comment

Global travel retailer, SSP Group plc, has chosen the Formula One-inspired Aerofoil for its chilled food cabinets, in another major contract award for Aerofoil Energy, the UK technology company.


SSP operates an extensive portfolio of more than 500 international, national, and local brands, with a presence in 33 countries around the world. In adopting Aerofoil Energy’s proven refrigeration technology, SSP is set to make transformative carbon emissions savings, while significantly improving the retail experience of its customers across stores in the UK, Ireland, France and Germany.

The Aerofoil is influenced by Formula One aerodynamics from Williams Advanced Engineering, and helps guide cold air down the fridge more efficiently, meaning substantially less is spilt from the cabinet, resulting in lower energy use, fewer carbon emissions and warmer aisles in stores. Results from existing client adoption of Aerofoils suggest that SSP stands to reduce consumption by c.20% on refrigeration energy through this simple, cost-effective and retrofittable solution.

Ignite Energy conceived and implemented successful trials of Aerofoil in several SSP-operated stores in the UK, paving the way for the adoption of the technology more widely. Ignite Energy have been working with SSP since 2014, helping them to drive their sustainability agenda and make their business more efficient. Projects implemented have covered a wide variety of technologies targeting energy reduction in lighting, refrigeration and HVAC, across different SSP brands in multiple countries.

Sukh Tiwana, SSP’s Group Commercial Director, added: “The electricity and gas used to power our units continues to make up the largest part of our carbon footprint. Aerofoils are therefore central to our sustainability agenda for the UK and internationally. The technology also brings improvements to product temperatures, which will help us reduce shrinkage and food waste, another key component of our environmental strategy.”

Paul McAndrew, Chief Executive of Aerofoil Energy, said: “This order represents a further significant endorsement of aerofoils from a leading global retail company, and will showcase our technology across a truly international arena. No matter what mode of transport SSP customers will be using, it’s great to know that a Formula One-inspired wing will have played a role in delivering them a better travel experience.”

UK high street retailer Marks and Spencer has also chosen to roll out Aerofoils in its stores. Ian Moore, Head of Store Development at Marks and Spencer, said: “We’re excited to be collaborating with Aerofoil Energy to reduce the energy consumption and environmental footprint of our stores.  This technology will also help us offer a better shopping experience for customers by improving the temperature in our aisles.”


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