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Systematic reveals SitaWare Insight

Posted 4 January 2022 · Add Comment

Systematic has developed a new AI-powered data analysis tool called SitaWare Insight, which further enhances the SitaWare Headquarters C4I system, enabling intelligence specialists to store, retrieve and analyse data.

Above: UK Commanders looking at Insight on screen.
Courtesy Systematic

Systematic’s new SitaWare Insight decision support tool will transform data collection and management, providing commanders with an advanced data capture and analysis capability.
SitaWare Insight builds upon the successful SitaWare Headquarters C4I system, which is in operation with more than 45 customers. The new product enhances users’ intelligence requirements management (IRM) and collection management (CM) capabilities, making it easy to store and retrieve information from multiple sources.
Henrik Sommer, SitaWare Insight product manager and domain expert said: "SitaWare Insight exploits the ‘data lakes’ that militaries control, formed from sensor information, images, videos, documents and more. The solution provides a secure, scalable repository for this information and an AI-powered search function, allowing users to pinpoint data on everything from enemy positions, images, documents to equipment.
“It’s like a military version of a commercial search engine, allowing access to the information you need, when you need it.”  
SitaWare Insight integrates relevant military and non-military data sources, supporting staff in intelligence, planning and operational roles from the company to strategic levels. It significantly enhances intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB), offering advanced decision support through data collection, storage and analysis.
For example, operators could use SitaWare Insight to retrieve information on a particular geographical area, then combine this with the mapping capabilities of SitaWare Headquarters to significantly increase situational awareness and provide users with a range of useful data.
Sommer points to automatic identification system (AIS) data in the naval domain, where SitaWare Insight can help identify patterns within such information: “SitaWare Insight AI can learn what is normal pattern of life in a certain area and then automatically detect and flag anomalies.” Likewise, this feature is very useful in the other operational domains.
SitaWare Insight is further enhanced through advanced image and object recognition technology. As such, it can be trained to identify different military objects like vehicles or equipment, tagging these with the appropriate metadata and storing them in the data lake for future access.
“This means that later on, you can search for a specific vehicle type, a general topic, or information on a specific area,” Sommer explained, adding that it also provides Natural Language Processing technology. “It can read a document of 100 pages or more then produce a one-page summary of key take aways.”
SitaWare Insight offers a scalable, future-proof solution through its underlying cloud-native architecture, which ensures security and the correct handling and management of data. It enables users to share data on a need-to-know basis and at different classification levels, defining specific user groups to manage access. The new tool complies with both NATO and Federated Mission Networking requirements, delivering effortless cross-coalition interoperability and information sharing.
SitaWare Insight is a significant enabler for the intelligence branch, operational planners, and the soldier on the ground, providing them with a holistic view of the battlefield.
“Operational planners are fully dependant on  information from the intelligence community. We have built a multidomain tool that can integrate all these activities,” explained Sommer. “With SitaWare Insight there is no limitation.”



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