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Vision-Box and Airside partner on digital health passport app

Posted 3 February 2021 · Add Comment

Vision-Box and Airside Mobile, Inc. have entered a strategic partnership to offer an enhanced safe, secure and touchless platform for all stakeholders along the travel experience involved in managing verified identity credentials, including trusted health data.

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Integrating Airside’s Digital Identity & Health Passport App with Vision-Box’s Identity Management Platform, Orchestra, allows travelers to safely and securely move along their entire journey using their mobile device. This end-to-end integration personalises the traveler experience and empowers them by keeping them in control of their sensitive information with transparent consent protocols. Data protection is at the heart of the partnership, further supported by Vision-Box’s unique certification in Privacy-By-Design and Airside’s distributed architecture that meets data protection laws, regulations and international standards.

The Vision-Box’s Orchestra Identity Management Platform, a collaborative digital stage of real-time data administration and end-to-end customer-centric service management tools, provides instant analysis, monitoring, decision-making and reporting ability for a more convenient and seamless travel experience. Vision-Box’s touchless solutions help travel operators, such as airlines, airports, cruise lines and hotels, to deliver an outstanding experience. Powered by distinctive hardware, AI-based automation and biometric identification systems, travelers quickly self-process along their journey in a truly contactless manner. Using a process sustained by real-time data orchestration, stakeholders interactively collaborate with data-rich actionable intelligence.

With more than nine million satisfied members, Airside’s digital identity network enhances seamless travel. The Airside Digital Identity App provides a convenient single enrollment for travelers to add their credentials (e.g. passports, driving licenses, COVID lab results) to their mobile device using biometric source-verification. Travelers may choose to share their credentials according to their specified time-bound conditions at a multitude of digital and physical authentication points. Enrolled information is only stored on the traveler’s encrypted device, thereby reducing costs and liability for businesses and organisations who may have previously stored sensitive data on siloed databases.

At a time when the travel and tourism industry needs fast, secure solutions to safely recover and resume operations, and with travelers demanding measures that enhance confidence in safety and security, the partnership between Vision-Box and Airside harnesses the companies’ years of proven experience and aligns their missions to improve the efficiency and quality of travel by minimising friction, boosting traveler confidence, and maintaining the highest level of safety, privacy and security. The collaboration begins in the US with leveraging of Vision-Box’s footprint at over 100 travels hubs globally, combined with Airside’s experience in US government-authorised customs and passport control and pioneering health passport capabilities, sourced through a network of tens of thousands of diagnostic labs.

Speaking about the partnership, Jeff Lennon, VP – Strategic Sales and Global Partnerships at Vision-Box, said: “We are absolutely delighted to start the new year by announcing our strategic partnership with Airside, a very important ally for the company in expanding personalised experiences on the Orchestra platform. Airside also shares our commitment to enhancing safe passenger travel journeys and with this partnership we will be able to deliver world class privacy-by-design solutions to our clients across the world, starting with the USA.”

Jessica Patel, Chief Revenue Officer at Airside, said: “What I especially appreciate about our partnership with Vision-Box is that the traveler is at the centre of the journey, where they ought to be, breezing through online and in-person check points without any long lines or crowding. Our private and secure technologies fit together naturally, providing peace-of-mind for travelers and the industry at an especially critical time when the health and safety of everyone is paramount.”

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