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RBR active showcases life-saving device at Aviation Health Conference 2019

Posted 20 September 2019 · Add Comment

RBR active will exhibit its life-saving RBR leglow device at the Aviation Health Conference, 24-26 September, profiling the value of the technology to Chief Medical Officers from key international airlines.

The RBR leglow is a clinically-proven medical device that helps to reduce the risk to air travellers of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), by increasing blood flow to the lower limbs. Sedentary behaviour - for example sitting down for long periods during a long haul flight - is a well-recognised contributing cause of DVT. RBR active aims to introduce the RBR leglow to all commercial flights to help protect the health and safety of passengers.

The RBR leglow is a small medical device that sits on the floor under foot. It features two separate round domes with patented nodules, each large enough to accommodate the user’s foot. Through three simple exercises, the RBR legflow improves lower limb blood flow in the popliteal vein of seated adults by 11-fold (63.3cm/s versus 4.6cm/s). The device is manufactured using a leading antimicrobial technology, assuring total clinical compliance and meaning that the product can be re-used flight after flight without the risk of contamination or cross infection. 

Paul Westerman, Founder and Director, RBR active, was fortunate to survive a life-threatening pulmonary embolism caused by DVT in 2011, and has since worked closely with some of the world’s leading medical experts to develop and bring to market, the RBR legflow.

Paul commented: “While we are all aware of the association between frequent flying and DVT, it is not easily understood what it is about flying that increases the risk of developing a blood clot. We want to raise awareness of the fact that sitting for extended periods of time in any environment, including airplane seats can slow blood circulation and, therefore, increase your risk of DVT. Getting up and moving about on a plane is recommended but it is not always practical so, the RBR leglow provides an effective, accessible and un-obstructive solution to this important issue.

“It is an airline’s responsibility to protect the health and safety of its passengers whilst on board and we hope to see airlines do everything they can to prevent the risk of DVT. We are currently speaking with a number of the large airlines regarding trials of the product on board and hope to develop more of these conversations at the Aviation Health Conference.”

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